Monday, March 26, 2007

SC's Question number - 917, 918

917). Water and resource management problems will be at the head of the legislature's list of concerns for the coming session.

(A) Water and resource management problems

(B) Problems of managing water and resources

(C) Problems in the management of water and other resources

(D) Problems of water and other resource management

(E) Resource management problems, including water

918). What brought the automobile company back from the verge of bankruptcy shortly after the Second World War was a special, governmentally sanctioned price increase allowed during a period of wage and price controls.

(A) What brought

(B) The thing that brought

(C) That which brought

(D) Bringing

(E) What has brought


917). OA - C - Problems in —compare with Difficulties in

A - incorrect - wrongly suggests that water will be at the head of list of issues.

B - incorrect - Problems of managing - is wrong.Problems in the management - is the correct usage. Further it should be
water and other resources as resources includes water.

D - incorrect - wrongly says problems of water
and problems of other resource management are at the head of the list.

E - incorrect - Resource management problems cannot include water. Resources can include water.

918). OA - A - what correctly refers to noun increase

B, C - incorrect - wordy

D - incorrect - wrong tense - bringing suggests an ongoing condition and is incompatible with an action that was completed shortly after the second world war.

E - incorrect - violating parallelism - past tense brought is needed to parallel was. Further has brought indicates action that continues up to the present.

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