Saturday, March 10, 2007

SC's Question number - 929, 930

929). While larger banks can afford to maintain their own data-processing operations, many smaller regional and community banks are finding that the cost associated with upgrading data-processing equipment and with the development and maintenance of new products and technical staff are prohibitive.

(A) cost associated with

(B) costs associated with

(C) costs arising from

(D) cost of

(E) costs of

930). While some academicians believe that business ethics should be integrated into every business course, others say that students will take ethics seriously only if it would be taught as a separately required course.

(A) only if it would be taught as a separately required course

(B) only if it is taught as a separate, required course

(C) if it is taught only as a course required separately

(D) if it was taught only as a separate and required course

(E) if it would only be taught as a required course, separately

Answers --

929). B is the best choice - maintaining parallelism (costs associated with....and with) and subject verb agreement (....costs....are....)

A, D - incorrect - subject (costs) needs to be plural because of the plural verb "are prohibitive "

C, E - violating parallelism

930). OA - B - If...then construction rule on the link below

A, D, E - incorrect - violating if ...then construction rule.

C - incorrect - changes the meaning of the sentence...only is placed wrongly after taught.

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