Thursday, March 08, 2007

Gmat Sentence Correction - 100

100). While depressed property values can hurt some large investors, they are potentially devastating for home-owners, whose equity - in many cases representing a life's savings - can plunge or even disappear.

(A) they are potentially devastating for homeowners, whose

(B) they can potentially devastate homeowners in that their

(C) for homeowners they are potentially devastating, because their

(D) for homeowners, it is potentially devastating in that their

(E) it can potentially devastate homeowners, whose

Answer -- Best answer - A - they clearly refers to property values - subject of the first clause - property values.Subject of the second clause - they. Hence they refers to the subject of the first clause.

B - incorrect - redundancy error - can potentially

B, C - incorrect - ambiguous their - referring to homeowners or property values.

D,E - incorrect - subject verb agreement -

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