Saturday, June 02, 2007

SC's Question number - 885 , 886

885). Under the restructuring, the huge organization that operates the company's basic businesses will be divided into five groups, each with its own executive .

(A) each with its own executive

(B) all having their own executive

(C) each having their own executive

(D) with its own executive for each

(E) every one with an executive of their own

886). Under the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Environmental Protection Agency is required either to approve individual state plans for controlling the discharge of wastes into underground water or that they enforce their own plan for states without adequate regulations.

(A) that they enforce their

(B) for enforcing their

(C) they should enforce their

(D) it should enforce its

(E) to enforce its


885). OA - A

B - incorrect - their is ambiguious - can refer to either five groups or company's basic businesses.

C - incorrect - their (plural).....each group (singular)

D - incorrect - would have been correct if it was: “with its own executive” with no comma before the phrase

E - incorrect - everyone (singular).....their (plural)

886). OA - E - parallelism - ...either to approve......or to enforce...

A, B, C - incorrect - the Environmental Protection Agency (singular).....their (plural)

D - incorrect - violating parallelism


N said...

I'm still not clear as to why b is the wrong choice in 885. Can u pls explain.


Prachi Pareekh said...

In B we do not know how many executives are distinct to each group. A clears the same...Ais more clear in meaning than B

Further what is the referent of their in B - businesses or groups?? Is it not ambiguous ?? If still not clear feel free to question ...