Thursday, December 20, 2007

SC's Question number - 821 , 822

821. The rising of costs of data-processing operations at many financial institutions has created a growing opportunity for independent companies to provide these services more efficiently and at lower cost.

(A) The rising of costs

(B) Rising costs

(C) The rising cost

(D) Because the rising cost

(E) Because of rising costs

822. The root systems of most flowering perennials either become too crowded, which results in loss in vigor, and spread too far outward, producing a bare center.

(A) which results in loss in vigor, and spread

(B) resulting in loss in vigor, or spreading

(C) with the result of loss of vigor, or spreading

(D) resulting in loss of vigor, or spread

(E) with a resulting loss of vigor, and spread


821). OA - C

A - incorrect - the rising of costs - unidiomatic

B - incorrect - subject verb agreement - Rising costs .....has...

D, E - incorrect - sentence fragment - since because makes the clause subordinate rather than independent

822). OA - D
OE from OG 10th - Ques number 78
Choice A misuses which: as a relative pronoun, which should refer to a specific noun rather than to the action of an entire clause. A also produces the unidiomatic and illogical construction either... and.
Choice B properly uses a verb phrase (resulting ...) instead of which to modify the action of the first clause and also correctly completes either with or, but the verbs following either and or are not parallel: spreading must be spread to
match become.
Choice C is flawed by the nonparallel verb spreading and the wordy phrase that begins with the result of.
Choice E is similarly wordy and uses and where or is required.

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