Tuesday, January 08, 2008

SC's Question number - 813 , 814

813). The question of whether to divest themselves of stock in companies that do business in South Africa is particularly troublesome for the nation’s 116 private Black colleges because their economic bases are often more fragile than most predominantly White colleges.

(A) than

(B) than those of

(C) than is so of

(D) compared to

(E) compared to those of

814). The recent surge in the number of airplane flights has clogged the nation’s air-traffic control system, to lead to 55 percent more delays at airports, and prompts fears among some officials that safety is being compromised.

(A) to lead to 55 percent more delays at airports, and prompts

(B) leading to 55 percent more delay at airports and prompting

(C) to lead to a 55 percent increase in delay at airports and prompt

(D) to lead to an increase of 55 percent in delays at airports, and prompted

(E) leading to a 55-percent increase in delays at airports and prompting


813). OA - B

A - incorrect - wrong comparison. In the sentence we are comparing economic
bases of Black colleges and economic bases of White colleges.

C - incorrect - so is referring to what?

D, E - incorrect - ....more ..... compared to.... is wrong

814). OA - E

A, B - incorrect - unidiomatic

C, D - incorrect - violating parallelism

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