Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SC's Question number - 785 , 786

785). The National Labor Relations Act expressly forbids unions from engaging in secondary boycotts against companies not directly involved in a labor dispute.

(A) unions from engaging in

(B) the engagement by unions of

(C) unions to engage in

(D) unions from becoming engaged with

(E) that unions engage upon

786). The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended the use of fail-safe mechanisms on airliner cargo door latches
assuring the doors are properly closed before takeoff and to prevent them from popping open in flight.

(A) assuring the doors are properly closed

(B) for the assurance of proper closing

(C) assuring proper closure

(D) to assure closing the doors properly

(E) to assure that the doors are properly closed


785) .OA - C - idiomatic - forbid X to Y

786). (OG 10th Ques No. 96) - OA - E -
with its idiomatic and precise noun clause, is the best answer
OE: The correct choice will include to assure, an infinitive parallel to to prevent. Thus, A, B, and C are disqualified.
A, C - incorrect - the participial phrases in A and C (assuring... ), easily construed as adjectives modifying latches, are confusing.
B, C - incorrect - in omitting the noun doors, they fail both to specify what is being closed and to supply an antecedent for the pronoun them.
D - incorrect - offers the necessary infinitive, but the gerund phrase closing ... imprecisely refers to the act of closing the doors rather than to the condition of the closed doors.

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