Monday, April 21, 2008

SC's Question number - 737 , 738

737). The efforts of the bipartisan committee were marked as much by frustration as it was by success.

(A) as it was by

(B) and also by

(C) as by

(D) and equally by

(E) as there was

738). The Emperor Augustus, it appears, commissioned an idealized sculptured portrait, the features of which are so unrealistic as to constitute what one scholar calls an “artificial face.”

(A) so unrealistic as to constitute

(B) so unrealistic they constituted

(C) so unrealistic that they have constituted

(D) unrealistic enough so that they constitute

(E) unrealistic enough so as to constitute


737). OA - C - idiomatic - as much by X as by Y

A - incorrect - it incorrectly refers to efforts

B, D - incorrect - unidiomatic

E - incorrect - wordy - there was

738). OA - A - idiomatic - so X as to Y

B, C, D, E - incorrect - unidiomatic

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