Tuesday, April 01, 2008

SC's Question number - 769 , 770

769). The Iroquois were primarily planters, but supplementing their cultivation of maize, squash, and beans with fishing and hunting.

(A) but supplementing

(B) and had supplemented

(C) and even though they supplemented

(D) although they supplemented

( E) but with supplementing

The key to control over the Eurasian steppes lay in the nomad’s ability to use the horse both as a means of transport but also as an effective military tool.

(A) but also as

(B) or as

(C) and as

(D) or

(E) and also


769). (OG 11th Ques No. 15) - OA - D

A - incorrect - but supplementing is wrong

B - incorrect - past perfect tense

C - incorrect - and does not convey contrast

E - incorrect - awkward

770). OA - C - correct idiom - both as X and as Y


Varun said...
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Varun said...

Shouldn't the answer to 770 be C as per your explanation?

Prachi Pareekh said...

Thanks Varun for pointing out the typing mistake...